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Packing Guide

Packing is the main part of our moving because moving is all about packing the things and then transport them from one place to another. Efficiently and expertly done packing can help you to save your goods from the damage and this can be done with the moving supplies also known as moving and packing supply . As it is clear from their name they are the special things we use to pack and store the material safely and efficiently.  Whenever we read the moving tips or moving advices from a moving guide or from anywhere else, packing is the very first thing they inspire us to do in a well manner.

If you are hiring people to pack the material and to move you should know about the reputation of the moving company, they are working with. Because a reputed moving company provide you professionals. Here are some tips of packing if you are doing it by your own……..


Where to start

  1. Firstly you should make the moving list so that you know that you are not leaving anything behind.
  2. Buy the moving supplies for packing like boxes, wrapping papers or packing papers in which you can easily pack your material. The moving and packing containers come in different sizes, types and in colors too according to your packing material but try to buy the containers which are easy to move.
  3. Do not pack things like oil, gas because they are flammable substances.


How to Pack???

Electronic Devices

  1. Unplug your electronic devices like computer, television, stereo, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer etc.
  2.  Read there manual carefully because each device has its own way to get packed. 
  3. Tape the cords perfectly, so that they never scratched the parts.
  4. Pack the devices in their original boxes.
  5. If any appliance have many parts and their related commented wires like in the computer, computer has many part like mouse, keyboard, CPU, monitor, modem etc. then color code the wires or stick a chit on them to memorise that which wire goes where at the time of rejoining or connecting them.
  6. Pack the parts separately and label their boxes properly with their names.
  7. Use strong boxes and thick padding to pack electronics
  8. In case of washing machine and dryer tape their lids properly, so that they could not open at the moving time.
  9. Tightly tape or close your boxes.


Kitchen ware and Appliances


  1. Dishes and other glass material (glasses, cups) should be packed properly in between the layer of bubble wraps and newspapers in the boxes.
  2. Each and everything should be individually covered with thick covering of newspaper. Before covering them make sure you moved out cleaning because the dust particle can make scratches.
  3. Place cups or glasses at the top.
  4. The box should be fully filled. There should not be any space between the things.

  • Silverware
  1. Put all the silver utensils together as a stack and then bundle them with the packing paper.
  2. You can also bundle them according to their shapes. For example glasses, bowls and plates can be in different stacks.

  • Food
  1. Use up your food. Frozen foods cannot be shipped safely. It is likewise unnecessary to carry a heavy load of canned or packaged foods with you.

  • Knives and Spoons
  1. Knives, spoons, forks, teaspoons and other small things should pack separately in a box because it could be easier to find them and at the time of unpacking the knives can hurt you.

  • Blender and Juicer
  1. Blenders, Juicers and other stuff like that should be packed in their originals if you have. If not then you can place them in to the other boxes but don’t forget to put foam in it.
  2. Make sure before packing them once check their manual. So that you can pack them easily and correctly.

  • Stove
  1. You should clean the stove before packing it because this is only the kitchen appliance with more dirt.
  2. Do not pack the oven racks as it is in the stove, take them out and then tape them. Tightly tape the burners and the underneath pans with placing a clean paper in between tape and burner. Also tape the oven door and the wires. 
  3. And then cover the stove from outside.
  4. Always make sure you are packing your moving check listings first.

  • Office and Study Material
  1. Pack the books together but wrap them individually with the paper to avoid sticking. Try to use small boxes to pack them.
  2. Do not pack any book which is not of your use. It would never be worth to increase the weight of your stuff. 
  3. If you have important office files then pack them separately from the books in a box and tape it tightly and label the box, so that you never lost any of them.


  • Pillows, Bed sheets, Curtains, Clothes and Shoes
  1. Separate the pillows and sheets with papers.
  2. Put curtains with all their needy stuff in a box. The curtain material should be wrapped properly in thick newspaper or packing paper covering.
  3. For clothes Use special wardrobe boxes. They will allow you to leave all your clothes on hangers and avoid wrinkles and tears.
  4. It would be better to put shoes in their original box but you can place them in a regular box but don’t forget to first cover them separately in the bundle of paper.


  • Arts, Paintings, Portraits and Photo frames
  1. They are the one out of your most expensive materials. A single mistake in packing them can lead you a big damage and can raise your moving budget.  So cover them properly and individually in stack of papers, place tape across the glass surface and then in the boxes.
  2. Pack the portraits or sculptures in well-padded boxes. Or you can cover them with blanket when packing in boxes. Because they are easily breakable.
  3. Tightly sealed the boxes with tape, So that they never come out with a little move.


  • Furniture
  • Dressing Table
  1. Empty all the drawers. Because it became more heavy to carry with the stuff in the drawers.
  2. Tape the drawers tightly. They can come outside while carrying or it would be better to remove them.
  3. Cover the mirror with the blanket; make sure it never gets broke.


  • Bed
  1. Take off the mattresses and would be good to cover them in the plastic or packing paper.
  2. Separate the rails and pack them together.
  3. Make sure you have all the screws or nut bolts and pack them in a plastic bag.
  4. To move the frames of the bed easily, would be better to empty them. 


  • Lawnmower
  1. Drain all the oil from the lawnmower before packing it. Because it could be dangerous to move with the things oil and gas in them, they are flammable substances a little spark can make them to catch fire.
  • You can also read our storage guide to help you to store your packed material properly without any damage or you can also read any moving company’s storage guide line.
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