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Office Moving

Canadian Moving Lines is a specialist Office Moving Company Canada. Since our inception, Canadian Moving Lines has distinguished itself as a commercial moving company of high repute and trust. Our customers have bestowed upon us the honor of the Best Moving Company in Toronto. Our team comprise of highly knowledgeable professionals that are willing to go an extra mile to ensure your office is transported 'just the way you want'.

  • Office relocations
  • Last minute services 
  • No surprise extra charges
  • Furniture installations -Making your furniture work for you.
  • Specializing in reconfiguration and space planning. Proficiency in most major furniture lines.
  • Warehouse relocations
  • Racking removal and installations.
  • Skid moves.
  • Lab & Medical equipment, hospitals, schools and libraries.

We go beyond the usual packing and moving truck, to deliver the highest standards of service. We understand that offices represent an organization's vision and values. Our professional staff courteously handles all your office relocation moving services. Choose Canadian Moving Lines for a custom made solution to all your moving services Canada.


Exclusive Office Moving Company Canada

Unlike other Canada moving companies, we have a set of quality protocols that we follow while moving offices. It consists of two stages:

  • Office Move Planning
  • During the Move (Transportation Phase)
  • Designation and Post-Move Activities


Office Move Planning

Planning is the foundation of Canadian Moving Lines. Most residential moving companies as well as office moving company Canada avoid this. But not us! We understand that office moving should be done with minimum productivity loss and maximum flexibility. Home moving companies and residential moving companies do not offer these high-end services.

  • Pre-move survey

We survey your business and create a checklist of all the move related queries in advance. In pre-move survey meeting, an operational schedule is prepared that lists all the moving services including packaging materials, timing, detailing costs, specialist Ontario moving companies packages etc.


  • Client-Side Package Labeling

Since moving to Toronto or moving to Alberta requires a lot of planning, we ensure you high services standard. Labeling helps classify and identify packaged materials and ultimately improve efficiency.


Transportation Phase - Best part of Moving Companies Toronto

  • Packing

As per plan, our Ontario moving company professionals arrive at your office at scheduled time. Each item is packed with utmost care. IT and electronics items are packed in specially-made cartons that provide extra padding under the moving company services standards. This ensures that high-risk items are shock-safe during transportation. PC equipment’s such as servers, personal computers, fax, IT components are sealed in special packaging to avoid dust.


  • Transportation and Handling

All our transportation vehicles are customized to handle office movers in Ontario, moving to Toronto or anywhere in Canada. With GPS enabled trucks in , you can rest assured that your office equipment is in safe hands.



Designation and Post-Move Activities

At the destination, all the packages are unloaded and delivered to the chosen location. Labeling helps moving and packing companies to avoid errors at the delivery end. Once the items are delivered, our staff will confirm all the items and bid a courteous goodbye.


Canadian Moving Lines - Envy of Toronto Moving Companies

While numerous moving companies in Brampton, we take pride in our exclusive service standards. Being in the business for years, we have served large organizations as well as people moving from Quebec to Ontario. We offer the lowest cost of moving and provide full service moving. Office moving can be tricky. Trust only the office moving company Canada professionals - Canadian Moving Lines.




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