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Moving Tips

Moving from one place to another with your important and expensive goods is very excited but can be stressful experience we face. We have to do lot of packing. Here are some moving tips to help you to pack your goods perfectly without any damage


Five to Six Weeks before the Moving


  • Collecting the things: - Check all the closets, cupboards and shelves you have in your home and clean them all by collecting all the material you put on them. Also collect all the stuff you stored in attic, garage, and store room and in basement. Separate the stuff you don’t need, don’t want to move with you or you never used since two or three years.

You can put them for the donation. It helps to remove the waste weight from your moving stuff.  Some moving companies charge according to the load, this will help to reduce charges and make it a budget moving.

  • Moving packing list: - Make a complete moving list of items and check it two to three times to make sure that all the important stuff is in your moving check list. If you have plants, decide which plants will come with you and which will stay behind. Use up your food. Frozen foods cannot be shipped safely. It is likewise unnecessary to carry a heavy load of canned or packaged foods with you.
  • Arranging the moving list: - Evaluate what to do with the old furniture and appliances, whether to ship them or not? If the old appliances and furniture are not that old and would fit in to the new decor than it will be worth to move them with you otherwise leave them behind. Make sure you do not bring a gas stove into an electric home.
  • Arrange to Collect the Deposits: - This would be the better time to arrange you to collect any advance or security deposits on utilities or rentals. These deposits could be helpful to increase your tight moving budget.
  • Food and Beverages: - Use all of food till moving. It would never be worth carrying the unnecessary load of canned and packed food. Other than this, it is hard to transport frozen food too
  • Arrange to disconnect utilities: - After conforming the date of your moving let the telephone, electricity, gas and water companies to know about your moving and to disconnect your utilities accordingly.
  • Do Not Forget: - Never forget to check your homeowner's insurance before you are moving to your house and make sure to renew your policy. It would be better to contact an insurance company at your destination.
  • Memberships and Schools: - If you have membership of any club then checks its status. So that you can get the refund of your advance payment or you can transfer the membership. Make sure to find the schools in your new area to register your child and collect the entire related document.
  • Bank Accounts: - It would be good to check your checking and savings accounts if you are having the plans to transfer the deposits, so that you will never lose interest. If needed, your bank or Credit Union can be used as a credit reference.
  • Make sure all of your plans are up to date with your moving date.


Two to Three Weeks before the Moving


  • Arrange utilities at new place: - This would be better time to contact utility companies like water, gas, electric and telephone and other regular service providers to start the services at your new place on your arrival date.
  • With the other household utilities you must consult to doctor nearby your new home. You can take your current doctors reference.
  • Clean the Lockers and collect belongings: - If you have joined fitness or any club and you have your locker there, make sure to collect all of your stuff and tell your kids to collect their stuff from school lockers too
  • Finding a moving company: -You should start to search a better moving company. It is not so hard you can ask from your friends, neighbors or you can also search through internet by their websites.
  • Do not move: - Do not ship your valuables like jewellery, legal documents and insurance paper before, try to carry them with you.   


One Week before the Moving


  • Making a budget for moving: - After selecting a moving company keep the details of your moving expenses. Canada Revenue Agency also helps you to reduce these expenses to allow you to claim these expenses on your income tax if your moving is farther than 40km.
  • Gas and Oil handling: - Do not leave the gas and oil in the machines lawn mowers, chain saws, snow blowers, gas grills and kerosene heaters and also if you are transporting the car, the gas tank should only filled to its quarter. Oil and gas should not be shipped because they are flammable.
  • For Safety keepings: - You should have a box with you that contain kitchen and bathroom things, all your medication and first aid things and also some tools like hammer, pliers, nails and screws.
  • Encourage children for preparation: - Make your children to do their own preparation for moving like packing their toys, games. And encourage them to prepare their separate box with snack, toys and keep with then in the trip if the moving is long.


Day before the Moving

  • Buy the Boxes and moving supplies: - One of the most important moving tips is to buy the moving supplies like boxes, cartons, packing papers etc. to pack your expensive and important material safely. The Boxes come in different types, sizes and colors. You can pack the dishes, glasses, clothes and books in them and can identify easily.
  • Ordering the packing crew: - For packing safely and efficiently, you can order the packing crew, they usually come a day before loading and also you can supervise their work.
  • Labelling the Boxes: - If you are using the same type of boxes to do labelling should be a great idea. But make sure labelling should be correctly with right thing and the new location. It helps you to find the material easily you need from the stack.

Day of the Moving


  • Mover’s inventory list and comparison: - You should have the copy of mover’s inventory list and also take the photographs and the records of your goods so that you can compare and check that you are getting all of your stuff.
  • Final Check: -Before leaving the house try to check it again to make sure nothing is left and all the windows, doors, air conditioners etc. are closed properly. Check the bill before signing it; make sure everything is complete and accurate.
  • Mover’s Detail: - You must have the driver’s name and other details and also give him your destination numbers and the directions.

Moving in Day


  • Your arrival: - You should arrive before the movers come because they can charge you for waiting. At arrival must contact the utility services to make sure the starting date of the services. You should have your floor plan to let the movers know, where to place the furniture.
  • Checking condition of unloaded stuff: - Checking of the condition of the unloaded stuff should be done as the stuff is unloaded, so that you can report him if any damage had happened or anything is missed right away.


This is our moving guide to give you some efficient and proper moving advices or moving tips. 

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