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International Moving

With increasing globalization, people are crossing the borders more than ever. The reasons for long distance moving may range from work opportunities to business prospects, international corporate and residential moving companies help people relocate to new countries. We, at Canadian Moving Lines, have a dedicated team of professionals that deal in international professional moving services.

Our expert 'Move Manager' will personally manage all your international storage and moving. Right from the phone call stage to packing advise and from container selection to unloading, we handle international moving operations swiftly and efficiently.


Canadian Moving Lines - Among Best International Shipping Companies in Canada

Canadian Moving Lines is one of Canada's leading international moving companies. Our professional, high-quality moving services are coordinated by land, air or sea. Being a highly reputed moving company in Toronto, we have the knowledge and experience that ensures a successful international move.

Our International Residential Moving Company features:

  • Dedicated staff for international moving and moving long distance
  • Experienced staff with specialty in international shipping and cargo maintenance
  • Contracts with major port authorities and shipping companies
  • Extensive network of international moving agents
  • Choice of sailing dates and container selection
  • Door to door cross country moving


International Shipping Through Ocean/Sea

Sea route is the most preferred way of moving if you have heavy load/cargo. When entire families are moving to Toronto, moving to Alberta, moving to British Columbia or any Canadian province, we advise this method. Although slow, international shipping by sea route offers huge price advantage.

  • Low shipping prices for heavy loads and large cargo transportation
  • Less restriction on weight, packing and volume of cargo
  • Easy customs clearance as port traffic is low compared to airports and border crossings.

International Shipping by land

Cross country moving companies make use of land routes for residential moving. Transportation may be undertaken by trucks or trains. We, at Canadian Moving Lines, maintain a fleet of competent moving truck for moving to Toronto, moving to Alberta, moving to Manitoba, moving to Nova Scotia, moving from Ontario to Alberta and moving to New Brunswick.

Moving Companies in Ontario and moving companies in Brampton prefer using trucks because Canadian highways are in excellent condition. Toronto moving companies, Calgary moving companies, Ottawa Moving companies realize that land routes can be tweaked as per destination, traffic and delivery load. It has following advantages:

  • Route flexibility in terms of cargo, traffic and destination
  • saves precious time for small distance international shipping
  • Quick moving due to decreased packing moving, loading and unloading time
  • High Accessibility - Door-to-door service possible
  • Low cost, weather independent and remote area accessibility


International Shipping by Air

The fastest, safest and most expensive way to ship - by air. Although not preferred for residential moving, it can be great option in case cargo volume is low. The delivery mechanism and transportation phase is safe and secure. Its prime disadvantage is high price and weather dependency. Although, advances in technology are overcoming these barriers.


International Residential Home Moving Company

Planning is the most important factor while moving across countries. We deliver household cargo for international movers through land, air or sea. The cost of residential moving depends on factors such as cargo weight, type of household goods, packing chosen, crew involved and customs/duties. For Ontario movers, movers in Ottawa and people moving to Toronto, we provide personal moving quote estimate services. International residential moving services include:

  • Survey and estimation of international shipping
  • Moving checklist prepared
  • Scheduled packaging and wrapping
  • Document preparation and authentication
  • Containerization of cargo
  • Customs clearance on departure side including insurance
  • Ocean transportation phase/ Air freight Phase/ Land freight Phase
  • Customs Clearance on arrival side
  • Storage and Moving
  • Delivery to new destination
  • Unloading and unpacking


Canadian Moving Lines - Experienced International Moving Company Services

We are experienced international home movers and have handled clients across continents. Our network of international moving companies strive to deliver the highest standard of services to our clients at an affordable price.

We Specialize in:

  • Foreign and Domestic Cargo moving services Canada
  • Commercial goods Import & Export
  • Residential and Commercial Moving Company
  • Project Cargo Specialists
  • Full & Partial Sea Container cargo Loads, Lift Vans Crates & Pallets

Our professionals are adroit in international move coordination and help pave the way for a hassle-free international shift. Try the exclusive services of the best home moving company - Canadian Moving Lines.


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